Press Releases for Philip Getson, D.O.

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Dr. Philip Getson Lectures

Below are Youtube videos of lectures by Philip Getson D.O. Click the play button on any video you wish to watch.

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CRPS: Advanced Concepts as Illustrated by Case Histories:

Dr. Getson discusses complications and comorbidities associated with CRPS.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Choices:

Dr. Philip Getson and Liesha Getson , B.C.T.T., H.H.C. present on the importance of a healthy diet as a way to live better with CRPS.

CRPS 101 with Dr. Philip Getson:

Dr. Getson is a family practitioner in Marlton, NJ with a special interest in treating CRPS.

CRPS: A Different Approach Extended with Philip Getson, DO:

Philip Getson, DO is a CRPS specialist from Marlton, NJ who has treated hundreds of individuals with CRPS throughout his career. He is a member of RSDSA's Scientific Advisory Committee. Seminar by Dr. Philip Getson:

Dr. Philip Getson speaks on the subject of using Thermography for the early detection of cancer. This lecture was given at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Philadelphia, PA.

Montgomery County RSD-CRPS Support Group Lecture:

Montgomery County RSD-CRPS Support Group. Dr. Philip Getson, D.O. and Liesha Getson discuss using thermographic testing as the best diagnostic test for the evaluation of RSD/CRPS. Dr. Getson also discusses treatment options.

Phillip Getson, DO, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA:

Phillip Getson discusses Imaging the Spread of CRPS with Thermography.

Philip Getson, DO - PAINWeek

Primary care and specialists meet at PAINWeek.