Holistic Health Coaching

Each fact is suggestive in itself. Together they have a cumulative force.

– Sherlock Holmes



Dr. Getson is one of the few area physicians certified in the use of biopuncture.

Biopuncture is a technique using biotherapeutics for injection at specific spots or areas. It uses homeopathic entities containing low doses of natural products especially designed for injection. These products are mainly injected in muscles, tendons, joints, as well as subcutaneously using very small and often fine needles. In this way they stimulate natural healing in a direct and efficient way.

Biopuncture is seen as a bridge between mainstream medicine and natural medicine because it has roots in both worlds. It is a modern medical technique for three reasons. First, it uses a conventional diagnosis. Secondly, the products are tested for safety and reliability. And, finally, the technique is performed with respect for the rules of orthodox medicine.

Biopuncture can also be considered as a natural medicine because these biotherapeutics show no major side effects and because the injections stimulate natural healing instead of suppressing symptoms.

– Excerpted from Biopuncture by Dr. Jan Kersschot

Biopuncture can be used for a number of reasons including sports injuries but also muscle irritability, headaches, spasms of the musculature of the neck, mid, and low back, arms, and legs, etc. Because only homeopathic/natural entities are used, there is no contraindication. The injections are much less painful than a "conventional" injection and heretofore the response to this treatment has been outstanding.